Customer References




From:   M H Spencer Ltd, Coventry

Date:   July 2008

To Whom It May Concern  

"Oakley Design were invited to tender for the supply and installation of a welding booth enclosure and fume extraction system.

M H Spencer Ltd had just acquired new premises in Coventry and we required a facility for welder training and equipment demonstrations. Following my initial meeting with their Sales Manager, Graham Cox, I was pleased to learn that Oakley Design offered a wide range of services in addition to LEV installation.  I had previously been engaged in site meetings regarding building and refurbishment work and was finding it difficult to get comparative quotations and commitment from sub-contractors. 

We had a limited time frame in which to vacate our old building, move our entire stock, and relocate to the new premises.  Having viewed Oakley Design's portfolio & taken a number of references it was obvious they were well able to provide the necessary skills & labour to complete the proposed work, which was a godsend given our circumstances.

Indeed their team of engineers completed all work within the agreed time frame and in a professional and courteous manner.  I was delighted with the quality of workmanship and would therefore not hesitate in recommending their products and services.

Should anyone require further information or wish to speak to me in person, Oakley Design are welcome to forward my contact details"

James Evans

Managing Director