Kemper Solder Fume Extraction


Kemper Solder Fume Extraction Unit

Parallel to the progressing electro and electronic industry also soldering work is taking an important place. However, during the soldering process smokes, gases and particulates are generated which affect the health of the operater. Depending to the used materials, additives and the soldering temperature, different hazardous materials, culminating in high-toxically or carcinogenic substances, could arise.

Therefore an adequate extraction during all soldering processes is indispensable. A local extraction directly at source is the most suitable possibility, due to the fact that it is very effective and easy to realise.

KEMPER has different units for one, two or more workstations as well as the corresponding accessories for all soldering workshop. By means of equivalent capturing elements, ductings or tubes, the toxic air will be extracted at the soldering station and afterwards cleaned by the combined gas and particle filter.

All filter units have an integrated control with filter monitor, which indicates the filter saturation and guarantees the work safety at any time.

Kemper Multi-Point Solder Fume Extraction System

The KEMPER soldering smoke extraction system is suitable for the extraction of up to 15 hand soldering workstations or for the connection to an automatic soldering unit. The unit is equipped with a combined gas and particle filter and can be adapted to the requirements by means of a damper in the air duct.

The integrated control permanently checks all the functions of the unit and gives an optical and acoustical alarm in case of possible problems or saturated filters. That way a safe operation of the unit is guaranteed at all time.

The cleaned air can either be led back to the workroom or vented to the outside via a ducting. With a connected outgoing air duct the unit can easily change between circulating air and exhaust mode (summer/winter).

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