COSHH Test & Certification


Oakley Design offer a nationwide COSHH testing service providing thorough examination and performance monitoring of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) equipment.  Our examination and test serves as an audit of the past year's LEV system management. The objective of testing is to highlight any significant defects and to have them remedied to regain control.

Examination & testing of local exhaust ventilation (LEV) equipment involves three stages:

  1. A thorough visual examination to verify the LEV is in efficient working order, in good  repair and in clean condition                                                                                                                  
  2. Measuring and examining the technical performance to check conformity with commissioning and COSHH regulation
  3. Assessment to check the control of worker exposure is adequate

Following examination & COSHH testing we provide a full report for each item of plant as follows:

·        The name & address of the employer responsible for the plant

·        The date of examination & test

·        The date of last thorough examination & test

·        The identification and location of the LEV and the process & hazardous substance concerned

·        The condition at time of test & whether this was normal production or special condition

·        A simple diagram of the LEV layout & location with test points

·        The condition of the LEV system including hood serial numbers and photographs of relevant parts

·        Intended operating performance for adequately controlling the hazardous substance and whether it is still achieving the same performance

·       The methods used to make a judgement of performance i.e. visual, pressure measurements, airflow measurements, dust lamp, air sampling etc

·        Comments on the way operators use LEV equipment

·        Comments on system wear and tear and whether any components need repair or replacement before the next annual test

·        The name, job title and employer of the person carrying out the examination and test

·        The details of any minor adjustments or repairs carried out to make the LEV system effective.  NB:   any critical defects are reported to the employer immediately prior to presentation of a full report

A copy of our report is kept for a period of five years as required by current COSHH legislation.  A copy should also be kept available at the workplace containing the LEV system.  To ensure that an assessment is not overlooked we will contact you ahead of the testing expiry date to make arrangements for re-test.

Where the LEV system was previously undocumented our report will provide a suitable basis for a system logbook.

Local Exhaust Ventilation System - Application Inspection Interval
Shot Blasting Monthly
Jute Cloth Manufacture Monthly

Dry Grinding Operations Over 12 Hours Per Week

6 Monthly
Wood Dust Extraction 12-14 Months
Welding Fume Extraction 12-14 Months
Paint Spraying Extraction 12-14 Months